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The Social Media of the Egyptian Uprising

Methodology for #TimesAreChanging

To examine the foreign media’s use of Twitter during the Egyptian uprising I found news articles from January 25 through February 11, 2011. I searched for the word “Egypt” on Google, using the date limiting function to exclude results from other time periods.

I excluded articles from before the start of the riots, because they did not appear to be discussing social movements there, as far as I could tell, and therefore seemed irrelevant to the rest of the coverage.

The 40 articles I examined came from what are considered to be mainstream news outlets in the United States and the UK, as well as Qatar-based Al-Jazeera and Israeli . The two exceptions to the mainstream aspect of this are articles that came from trade publications, one of which focuses on social media.

The news outlets included newspapers, television companies, radio stations and online-only sources. All of the articles, however, were found online.

I divided the articles based on content into “Reporting” and “Analysis.” There were 26 reporting articles and 14 analysis articles. The number of reporting articles was greater than analysis likely because of the lack of time between the events going on and the pieces’ publication dates.


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