Tweeting Egypt

The Social Media of the Egyptian Uprising

Meet the Tweeters

Be sure to watch our video interviews with Egyptians and Americans whose experience of the uprisings was colored by Twitter.

Twitter Roll: Who to Follow

Here is a list of people to follow who are currently tweeting about the situation in Egypt. Also find this list in the left-hand sidebar at any point in browsing the site.

  • @Zeinobia – Egyptian blogger behind the blog EgyptianChronicles. Tweets about happenings in whole Arab world with main focus on Egypt.
  • @TheBigPharaoh – Egyptian blogger behind Tweets in Arabic and English. Focuses on Egyptian politics.
  • @natashaghoneim – Egyptian journalist living in the U.S., provides perspective of Egyptian expats.
  • @ianinegyt – American freelance journalist writing and video taping in Egypt. Livetweets protests.
  • @ashrafkhalil – Writes for Times of London, Foreign Policy and The Arabist out of Cairo. Does not tweet his own words very often, but retweets interesting/useful/amusing information about Egypt.
  • @Sarahcarr – Writes with humor and a hint of bitterness about clashes in Cairo. Her twitpics feature “people I would like to see shunned from public life.” Tweets are both in English and transliterated Arabic.
  • @sarrahsworld – Egyptian video blogger (vlogger). Tweets about politics and women’s rights in Egypt, mostly in Arabic but some in English as well. Praised for her wit and passion.
  • @DailyNewsEgypt – Describes itself as Egypt’s only independent newspaper in English.
  • @monaeltahawy – Columnist and public speaker who travels around North Africa and the Arab world. Currently en route to Morocco but will be back in Egypt in January.
  • @shadihamid – Director of Reasearch at the Brookings Doha Center & Fellow at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution. Writes about Egypt for Western audience.
  • @kristenchick – American journalist writing for the Christian Science Monitor. Covers Egyptian politics and protests.
  • @arabist – Official Twitter account for the Arabist blog. Tweets links to new posts, but also asks and answers questions about Egypt. Based in Cairo.
  • @sandmonkey – Popular Egyptian blogger in the midst of running a (satirical?) campaign for Parliament.
  • @Egyptocracy – Egyptian blogger living abroad. Runs the Egyptocracy blog and YouTube channel.
  • @MagButter – Egyptian blogger who told the story of his detainment and abuse at the hands of police via Twitter this November.
  • @ghonim – Egyptian techie who works for Google, said by some to be a symbol of the uprising.
  • @mozn – Mozn Hassan works for Egyptian gender advocacy group Nazra. She tweets both in English and Arabic, though mostly retweets.
  • @TEDataEgypt – Egypt’s largest Internet service provider, established by Telecom Egypt
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