Tweeting Egypt

The Social Media of the Egyptian Uprising

Your Own Two Tweets

Keeping my eye out for anything Egypt on the Internet for the past nine months has allowed me to spot some pretty amazing things. Not all of them fit into my research, but I think they are still worth displaying. The resource pages listed below can help you to discover interesting things about the uprising and social media for yourself. They can also help you to start tweeting. Here are some links that I think are important and worth perusing:

Guide to Tweeting for Beginners
My own personal guide to getting started on Twitter. Originally written for use by the English desk at Agence Maghreb Arabe Presse, the Moroccan state-run news agency, updated after the release of “new” Twitter.

Egypt and Social Media
Links to tweets from the uprising, a demonstration of what can be done with tweets to document personal tragedies and human rights violations, photos from Feb. 11, the Flickr of a great Egyptian freelance photographer and several other great resources.

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